Leading Like Nehemiah

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Leading Like Nehemiah 

Step 1 | Prayerfully Assess the Situation 

Nehemiah dreamed of rebuilding Jerusalem after it had been mostly rubble for over 140 years. This week, we will examine 5 key steps Nehemiah took that paved the way for his team’s amazing success. 

The first step is “Prayerfully Assessing the Situation.” When Nehemiah learned that Jerusalem was in ruins, his heart broke.  

He prayed for 4 months, leading to the king’s blessing on his desired project. Nehemiah then went to Jerusalem and quietly assessed the damage for three days before taking action. 

In Nehemiah 2:13 we read, “So I went out at night … inspecting the walls of Jerusalem  which were broken down and its gates which were consumed by fire.” 

If you desire your new project, or your team, to be successful, start by praying, then objectively assess the situation.