Jesus Over Everything: Notes For The Next Generation Of Planetshakers

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The enemy wants to steal the worship of this generation. He is jealous of God but he also understands the potential that we carry as the people of God and is afraid of the God-given destiny that’s inside of us. He doesn’t show up like some monster from another galaxy to scare us and demand our worship. He tries to trick us by setting up fake ‘gods’ that demand our attention. Putting Jesus over everything in our lives is all about refusing to bow to the gods and idols of our generation! 

So how can we tell when something has become a god or an idol in our life? Simple. An idol is something that goes from being important to being MOST important in our life. It becomes our priority and takes up our time, effort, thoughts and attention. Everything else starts to bend around this thing in our life and it sneaks its way into being number one, stealing the place and the worship that was meant for God. But behind every idol is a lie. They can never actually provide what they promise to in our lives - they’re fakes - pretending to be like who God already is!

A few examples of idols in our generation might be: Money, possessions, success, popularity, pride, vanity, and the search for identity. Some of these things are not wrong in themselves, but they become sin when they start taking God’s place in our hearts and get all of our attention and focus. Living a life of worship is about not bowing to the pursuits of what the rest of the world is living for and seeking after. Our lives and everything we want in life is all about Jesus now. As you read this scripture, ask Holy Spirit to reveal any idols you may have allowed into your heart and make a decision to turn from them today and turn entirely to Him! Living to worship Jesus is the most fulfilling, exciting journey because it’s the life that we were made for!