Your Hobby May Be Your Calling

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Are you a seeker? Many people who know me will call me a “seeker.” This is because I want to know many things. I want to know how things work, what is important, how to solve things, and more. Does that ring a bell with you? A seeker is someone who asks a lot of questions. In fact, my wife Darlene will often tell people, “Bruce asks more questions about more things than anyone I’ve ever known.” I love to learn, discover, fix, create, dream and try things out. 

Seekers seek, it’s what we do. And, to be honest, I bet there’s a bit of a “seeker” in you! Because here you are taking a course on how to revive, invigorate, explore, tweak and pursue your personal dream! You are seeking how to “make sense” of this whole thing called life by locating purpose, destiny, impact … and your dream. 

Far too often, our formal education systems and even at times our workplaces, well-meaning friends or family attempt to help us by focusing on how we can build and develop areas in our lives where we are “weak.” These are areas where we may not sing as well as the next person, type as fast as another, multiply as quickly, cook as well, or many other things. 

But God gave you STRENGTHS because He wanted you to focus on and use them. If He had wanted you to be the best cook, He would have put the desire in your heart and the ability to learn how. Our hobbies are often areas of our strengths, things we enjoy doing. And yet they are also clues to what God has potentially created you to live out. He doesn't want you to hate your calling - after all, He put the desires within you to do what He wants you to do (Philippians 2:13).

I’m not saying you should never try to improve areas of your life. What I am saying is to spend more time trying to improve where you are already strong, rather than focus on areas you may not do so well. Strengthen your strengths, and in so doing so - you may be preparing yourself to live out your calling in an even greater way.