You And Your Dream

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Hello, my role as your Dream Coach is to give you a change in your thinking – what is called a “paradigm shift.”  

The American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn came up with this concept known as the “paradigm shift” to introduce to us a way of viewing a profound change of thought. Whether that change of thought refers to scientific studies, worldview or perhaps even – your own dream – a change is often needed before we can make strides forward in discovery. 

As a person thinks in himself or herself, so you are – the well-known Proverbs reminds us (Proverbs 23:7). Your thoughts will dictate your actions and your actions will lead to (or detract from) your accomplishment of your dream. That’s why we’ve got to start with your thoughts. 

Your mind. 

Your beliefs. 

Your passions. 

We’ve got to tap into what drives and motivates you. Because … guess what? Your dream is alive and it will actually motivate you! 

Your Dream Is Alive Thought Producing Questions

Answer and reflect on these questions in order to better explore what your dream may be. 

1. What would you do if money (a paycheck) or security were not a necessary part of the decision?

2. What is it you truly want out of life?

3. What thoughts keep you awake at night (in a positive way)?

4. What did you want to be when you were a child (when you grew up)?

5. What activity do you do that seems to have time just “fly by” while you are doing it?

6. In what ways do you see yourself as being a help to others?

7. What do other people say about you that seems to be a recurring theme concerning your skills, abilities or heart?

8. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

9. What excites you?

10.  What motivates you?

11.  What do you do that “always seems to work out”?

12.  What makes you feel proud of yourself?

13.  What makes you feel “alive?” 

14.  What do you do that makes you “feel God’s pleasure?”

15.  Do you know your dream?