When You Need To Move A Mountain

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The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer

I had a mountain to move. After a violent car crash put my eighteen-month-old baby into a coma, I needed to know what it would take to touch my daughter through the power of prayer. Since that fateful day, I’ve made it my mission to understand prayer. I’ve spent hours scouring the Word to discover the prayer secrets it contains, and most importantly, I’ve prayed. I’ve battled. I’ve sought God. I’ve claimed promises, and I’ve experienced breakthroughs and felt the heartache when God says no. I’ve worked with prayer teams and prayer partners. I have seen God move, and I have seen God answer prayer.

As I share what I’ve learned, I’ll show you how you can become not only a person of prayer but also a person who can use prayer to reverse the works of the enemy, to save lives, to be blessed with provision, and to move toward God’s best for your life. If you take this journey with me, you will be encouraged by amazing stories and the truths hidden in God’s Word, and you will pray. Together we will use prayer as our secret weapon to break strongholds, to win battles, and to bring healing. 

Are you in?

Intercessory prayer is like the mortar in a protective brick wall. Prayer binds God’s promises into a fortress of protection. Prayer not only fills each gap so we can keep the enemy out but it also locks down the secret passages the enemy had planned to use in his attack. The real beauty of intercessory prayer is that when we pray, we are uniting with Jesus. We stand with Him as He stands in the gap interceding for us, our families, our loved ones, our concerns, and our world.

We don’t pray to control God. We can’t—nor should we want to. There is mystery associated with prayer, and part of that mystery is that we intercede with a God we can’t control. God is our Creator, not our puppet. We pray to partner with God. Intercession is pushing the enemy out and inviting God’s presence in. It’s trusting that God will change troubles into blessings.

Unbelief is often the reason many people don’t pray. If you struggle in this area, consider praying the following: Father, this week, I will begin to practice more prayer so I can experience more results and see that my prayers do move mountains.