God Is Close To You By Nina Smit

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God Is Close to Us

We don’t feel the same every day. Sometimes we overflow with inspiration, but there are also days when nothing inspires us, not even our relationships with those closest to our hearts or even our faith. 

Sometimes things happen which make us so depressed and sad that we feel spiritually numb. But even on such days this Bible verse manages to light a small flame of inspiration in my heart. Just knowing that God is with me—especially when I need Him the most, when I am sad or spiritually broken—is a wonderful encouragement. 

To me, God’s nearness in times of need and His caring heart towards His children are some of the most wonderful of all God’s characteristics. We know that He is not close to us only in difficult times but that He lives in us. Through His Spirit, He pours His love into our hearts, so that we in turn can love others who may not deserve it. 

Through His Spirit, God enables us to identify those who are struggling spiritually and to encourage them as He does with us. Indeed, these lessons are learned especially in times of difficulty. 


Heavenly Father, thank You that You are especially close to me when I am discouraged, sad or spiritually broken. You know exactly when I need You the most and it is then that I experience Your closeness in the strongest way. Help me to notice when someone is sad and emotionally down and to support them just as You do with me. Amen.