21 Days After Camp 2019


Life Beyond Camp

The week after camp is here. The services are over, you’ve said goodbye to new friends, you’ve left the campground, and now you are back home. Maybe you are reading this wishing you were back at camp. It is such a powerful week of growing closer to God and connecting with others, but now comes the time of walking out what God spoke to your heart at camp.

So “Why Can’t I feel God at Home Like I Do At Camp?” Isn’t that the question that comes to the front of your mind when are trying to walk out your faith and you feel like your prayers aren’t going past the ceiling? The truth is you can be just as close to God at home as you were at camp.

Feeling God in your life goes beyond meaningful worship songs and powerful preaching. It happens in everyday moments, but we have to be intentionally looking for it and ready to respond. So how do you...

Engagement Points:

1. Remove Distractions (Isaiah 26:3) - One of the most impactful ways to grow closer in your relationship with God is to remove daily distractions. At camp there are many distractions that are removed and it allows you to hear God more clearly. If your days are filled with streaming videos, social media, and other activities, it often leaves little time to hear God like you did at camp. Want perfect peace? Keep your mind on Jesus.

2. Get Close (James 4:8) - Never allow anything to create space between you and your relationship with God. It could be sin, tough situations, a toxic relationship, but whatever it might be, choose to be close to God even when it feels difficult. When we allow space between us and God, we are allowing other things to fill spaces where God should be. Remember it is not about religion, but about relationship.

3. Stay Consistent (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) - Be consistent in prayer and your devotionals. When you are consistent in these areas you will be amazed how God will speak to you throughout your days. Just like any other relationship, when you spend time with God, you will know His hearts towards you. So stay consistent in seeking Him and He will continually show that He is for you and not against you, and you will find that He is "a friend who sticks closer than a brother."