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Your Creativity, A Gift To The Body Of ChristSample

Your Creativity, A Gift To The Body Of Christ

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Create In The Spirit 

If we have life in the Spirit, we must also make our living from the Spirit. Our relationships, our working, our garden-tending, our coffee making, our bread baking, and our resting. 

As creatives, we are invited to do our creating in the Spirit. We can write, paint, sing, craft, and dream from our life in the Spirit. Our creative work is a function of the Spirit of God at work in our lives, even if we are not aware. This does not mean that we are bound to insert the name of Jesus into everything that we make, but it does say that our creative inspiration has a common genesis in the activity of the Spirit.  

This is the animating force of God that turns the things of death into the stuff of life.  

Artists join God in the work of giving context to creation. We are called to shape creation and in that shaping, tell a story about humanity. We tell stories about our life apart from God, and our continual returning to Him. We shake our communities from slumber.  

We give voice to the beauty around us. We tell stories about our ordinary life together. We are animated by the power of the Spirit and are invited to be a part of God’s world-shaping work on the Earth. 

To build the Tabernacle in the wilderness, the Lord chose a man called Bezalel and filled him with His Spirit. With skill, and with understanding, with knowledge in all kinds of work, to design artistic designs, to work in gold, in silver, and in bronze, and in cutting stones for their setting, and in carving wood, to do work in every artistic craft. That is an example of the Spirit as the source of artist creativity and the way it should be used to provide a place where the Glory of God could be manifested.   

How is Jesus inviting you to do your creative work in the Spirit? Take some time to reflect on how Jesus is encouraging you to reimagine your work. 

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Your Creativity, A Gift To The Body Of Christ

Creativity is more than just a natural ability someone is born with; it is the manifestation of the image of God on a man or a woman. Therefore, it should be used to honor Him and proclaim His name. In this three-day pla...


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