Failure Is An Option

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We live in such a driven culture. We are driven to commence, compete, or complete something all the time. We are often taught how to set goals and aim high. Yes, we need goals and we need to be sure of where we are headed. But along the way we are sure to face disappointments, hurdles, challenges and FAILURES. Are you equipped to handle failures in your life? 

When we see successful people, what we don’t realize is that they haven’t always been successful. It took a 1000 failed attempts before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Did you know that William Carey, who is called the Father of Modern missions and the pioneer of the printing press in India, lost all his work in a fire. But he didn’t lose heart, he started his work all over again from scratch. 

It is not very often that people talk or boast about their failures. But remember that every time you see a successful person it means that they have mastered failure. We cannot succeed in this life if we don’t master failure. In this driven culture, there is so much shame and humiliation attached to failure. In India, every year when the school board exam results are announced, we hear of several suicides. Thousands of young people in India die every year by suicide because of the pressure to succeed in school. 

So let me say this: Failure is an option. Suicide is not. Failure at something does not mean that our life has to come to a stand-still. Failure is not final. 

The Bible is a great ‘go to’ book to learn about failures. The heroes of the bible are not portrayed as perfect people. We see them struggling with fear and coping with failures. Apostle Paul is one such person who was never ashamed about his weaknesses and failures. In fact he says that He will boast in His failures so that God’s glory shines brighter through him. He was confident that God completes who He is and what is missing in Him. Our failures can be great learning experiences if we let God be God. 

So chin up, if you have experienced any sort of failure in your life. As the old proverb goes, ‘failure is a stepping stone to success’ or it can be the steering wheel that takes us to a different path where our gifts and talents can blossom. Do not be afraid to fail. Failure IS an option! Well, this was Thomas Edison’s response to his failures: ’ I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’