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Finding Purpose

We all benefit from having a purpose. It’s no wonder why—purpose provides us with an internal compass to guide our thoughts and actions, the courage to step out of our comfort zone, the perseverance to overcome opposition, and the dedication to see our purpose through to the end.

So yeah, purpose is important. We understand that.

It’s the question of what our purpose should be that tends to trip us up.

There are hundreds of worthy causes out there in the world. How are we supposed to know what our purpose should be? How can we be sure we’re doing something meaningful?

Fortunately, if you look at the book of Nehemiah, the question isn’t so difficult to answer. You really only need to ask yourself two questions:

1. What am I passionate about?

2. What opportunities are in front of me?

In the first chapter of Nehemiah, Nehemiah’s brother came to him with news about the exiles who had returned to Jerusalem. These exiles were Nehemiah’s people, and their return to Jerusalem after several decades in captivity was cause for joy. But there was a problem. 

The wall that used to protect the city was broken, so the exiles were in danger. They were defenseless. And Nehemiah became very distressed about it. He felt so worried about the safety of his people that he wept. 

And so, we see here:

1. Nehemiah loved his people. 

2. Nehemiah’s people were in need of protection.

Passion and opportunity.

If you’re searching for your purpose, consider those two questions as you read the first chapter of Nehemiah. What are you passionate about? And what opportunities are in front of you? Those questions will point you toward the purpose God has for you. Once you have some sense of what God might want you to do, pray, as Nehemiah did, asking God for the help you need to see His work through to the end.

Consider: What are you passionate about? What opportunities are in front of you? What work do you think God has in store for you?

God’s given each of us spiritual gifts. Discover the gifts he’s given you and how to use them to do His good work.