Restoring Relationships

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Show People You Care  

John Maxwell, leadership expert, states, “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” In other words, before you attempt to direct, you must connect.

One day, my younger brother and I had a heated disagreement over the phone. After I got off the phone, my conscience was bothering me, and I defended myself, thinking, I know I was right. Instantly, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. “You were right. But were you kind?”

Often, it’s the way in which we present our side of the argument that makes the difference between our audience truly hearing us or not. We may be saying all the right things, but presenting them in an unloving, harsh, or bitter way. We must be sure to examine our motives in advising others. Are we trying to control them, or best them in some way? Or rather, as Christ does, are we attempting to persuade them in love to make the best choice for everyone involved? 

Sometimes, winning the argument is not as important as maintaining a relationship. Think before you speak. Think today about whether or not there are relationships in your life that have been damaged by your impulsive speech. What will it take to restore them? At the end of the day, you can never be responsible for what another person says or does. What you’re accountable for to God, though, is your thoughts, words, actions, and motives. Ask God to examine your heart today, and bring anything to your attention that doesn’t line up with Him.