The Biggest Decision Of Your Life!

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“Should God let you into Heaven?”

Just imagine for a moment that your time here on this earth had come to an unexpected conclusion. With overwhelming wonder, you find yourself standing before your Creator. As your confusion and awe turn to anticipation and excitement to finally see your eternal home, you are suddenly stopped before entering. God asks you a penetrating question, “Why should I let you into heaven?”

How would you respond?

Thankfully, when that great and wonderful day arrives for each of us, God will not ask us to complete a test prior to entry. Nevertheless, the scenario paints an important, thought-provoking picture intended to help us better understand salvation.

Some may respond to God’s question by referencing the good things they’ve done. Others would describe their faithful church attendance, and still others might list all of the bad things in life they’ve avoided. While these are important elements of every Christian’s life, they do not guarantee salvation. There is only one correct answer to the question:

“I have made Jesus Christ the Lord of my life, and He has cleansed me of all of my sins.”