Understanding The Book Of James

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James, Chapter One Overview

After the greeting in James 1:1, Christians are taught how to live in light of the cross. Several behaviors are recommended and James makes a point to emphasize that those who learn to endure trials and afflictions will receive a reward (James 1:2-12).

James makes a point to clearly differentiate between suffering brought on by sin and the weakness and faults of humanity with that allowed by God for the producing of good. They are not the same things. God is the author of all good - even the difficulties which are designed to produce good. But there is suffering which results by way of our wrong choices (James 1:13-18).

Our anger, passions and any negative outbursts need to be controlled. One way we can do this is through the study and application of the Word of God. What we hear from God's Word and learn ought to be applied in our everyday life choices. If and when it is not, our religion becomes just that - a religion. It is rooted in ritual rather than in Relationship. Our loving relationship with Jesus Christ propels us to do good - the good that God desires, such as looking after those who are in need, giving to the poor and helping others (James 1:27). 

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