God Never Turns His Back on Me!

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People aren’t perfect! 

Sometimes your friends and family aren’t always loyal or faithful to you. It's because they're not perfect. You’re not alone! Jesus understands what it means to be disappointed by others. Even though the Lord is perfect, He experienced hurtful relationships while He lived on earth too. 

When Jesus was 30 years old, many of His people, the Jews, began following Him, believing He was the leader whom God had promised to send. His growing popularity, working miracles, and claims to, “be God,” were a threat to the religious leaders, who grew angry! They even searched for a law that Jesus may have broken so the Roman soldiers could arrest Him. But Jesus had broken no laws. 

As the religious leaders were turning against Jesus, one of His closest “friends,” Judas, betrayed Jesus. Judas was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples and he lived, traveled, ate, prayed, and even experienced miracles with the Lord! He never saw Jesus treat anyone unkind, or do anything wrong. Judas knew that Jesus loved him! 

However, Judas was not a faithful friend and “sold Jesus out” to earn a few dollars. The Bible states that for 30 pieces of silver, Judas told the angry religious leaders where they could find Jesus so the soldiers could arrest Him on false charges. Judas identified Jesus for the soldiers by giving Him a kiss, which was a customary greeting. Think about it—it’s the same as betraying your best friend with a hug! 

Like Jesus, throughout your life, people you love will disappoint you. It may be a parent, coach, sibling or friend. But not God. He is faithful and has made a covenant with you. The word “Covenant” means a promise made by taking a written or spoken oath that is never to be broken. God has made a covenant with you that He will never turn His back on you. He is always faithful to those who love and honor him. 


1. When Judas betrayed Jesus, how do you think Jesus felt? 

2. When someone breaks a “covenant” (promise) to you, how does it affect your relationship with them?

Think About It:   Knowing God’s always faithful and never abandons or betrays you, should bring deep peace to your heart, even when it feels broken. Reflect on a time when God was faithful and brought you peace even when life was hard.