Down To Earth: Living Out The Parables Of Jesus


The Secret to a Stronger Prayer Life

Jesus’ parables are not simply stories to hear; they are riddles to be unlocked. The Hebrew word translated “parable” means just that: a riddle. Unlocking these riddles creates fresh growth in following Jesus. 

For example, read Luke 11:1-13 and think about your prayer life. How do you think God experiences your prayers? Like the cranky neighbor in Jesus’ story? If we bang on the door loud enough, maybe God will be annoyed enough to do something for us?

That is exactly not what Jesus is saying.

This is a parable of contrast, not likeness. If you would be willing to deal with a cranky neighbor to address a legitimate need, Jesus is suggesting, how much more confidently can you approach God our Father? He never sleeps, He is never distant, and He is eager to give.

How you understand who God is determines how you pray.

Jesus is committed to ensuring that we don’t misinterpret this story, so what begins as a story about an irritable neighbor finishes with Jesus speaking about an over-the-top, loving Father, who would give “much more” to those who ask of Him than any earthly father would give the children he loves. Through this parable, Jesus is showing us that the secret to a stronger prayer life is rightly seeing that God is our good Father who desires to give us good gifts. So keep coming and do not quit praying.

If God delights in responding, why do we need to pray more than once for anything? Consider the prayer Jesus taught prior to this parable. How often do we need daily bread? Every day. How often do we need forgiveness and to forgive? Regularly. How often do we face evil and need deliverance? Constantly. We keep asking because our needs keep arising anew. And God will not only give us these good gifts, He will even give His Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. He is eager to give, and He is never distant.

Prayer: Tell God any specific needs you have and thank Him for all He has done for you.  Then pray, “Lord, thank You for being a good Father who delights in meeting my needs each day.  Please give me Your Holy Spirit.  Today, help me be anxious for nothing trusting that the peace of Christ will guard my heart and mind.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”