Massive Faith

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What is Faith?

“Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see.” To deepen our understanding, let’s define faith as the trade secret of the Kingdom which separates kingdom culture from neighboring cultures. When the people of God apply faith they move towards a promise without knowing the outcome and start to hear things like “how do you smile when you’re going through so much?” Or, “how is your online store growing and innovating while major retailers are closing?” Faith and work can qualify the unqualified. 

In the old testament; by faith (belief), Abram became a great nation and received a promise by leaving his comfort zone. Joshua remembered the Lord’s voice that said “do not be afraid of them, no one can harm you,” and commanded the sun and moon to stand. Elijah caused a drought (for three years), got fed by ravens, prophesied to a widow that the flour and oil would last, raised a boy from the dead, then made it rain again.

Faith stands beside you and answers fear, insecurity, and failure by empowering you with courage and boldness.