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God Is With You, AlwaysSample

God Is With You, Always

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God Is With You

Life can really overwhelm us, can’t it?

All the stresses and pressures of work or school, those times of loneliness and depression, and the other anxieties the world throws at us can make it seem like we have no hope.

But there is hope.

In the midst of all that, we have a Creator and heavenly Father who loves us deeply. He is with us in the trials and the triumphs, in the pain and the pleasure. He never leaves us or forsakes us.

God’s Holy Word tells us of His character, and we can see story after story of God’s incredible love for His people when we read it. Throughout this study, we will encounter real stories of people who thought they were at the end of their road. Like you, they felt defeated, alone, and hopeless, but God came alongside them and made a way for them to get through it.

If you trust in Him, he will make a way for you, too. He comes alongside you and strengthens you through whatever you are facing.

The scriptures today remind of this amazing reality. God is always there. He always chases after you no matter how far you may be from Him. As you read, rest in the fact that God is with you and that He is not going anywhere.

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About this Plan

God Is With You, Always

This study will look at how God never leaves us or forsakes us. He is with us through all things.

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