Powerful Prayers For Your Daughter By Rob & Joanna Teigen

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Day One

All You Need

Scripture: Hebrews 4:16

What I [Joanna] have noticed as my husband, Rob, and I have prayed for our daughters over the years is that God does just as much work in changing me as in caring for my girls. I know a lot of us worry. We work ourselves up over their grades, health, manners, organizational habits, and social lives. Our emotions run high over their weaknesses, and it can be hard to celebrate their successes when so many fears are constantly running through our minds. When Rob and I pray for our daughters, it settles me down. I put all of my concerns in God’s lap and am able to let them go. 

My girls know how to push my buttons too. They know if they roll their eyes when I’m talking I’m probably going to lose it! It’s difficult to see our daughters struggling with bad attitudes. Again, when I’m tempted to get angry about their choices, prayer lets me release them to God’s control. He gives me patience and understanding. I’m able to see the big picture instead of fixating on minor issues. He reminds me of all the many, many things I enjoy in my girls and the privilege it is to be their mother. He rekindles my joy and fills me with hope for the future. Basically, God makes me a better parent when I pray. 

Prayer also keeps a lot of tension out of our marriage. If I’m looking to Rob to “fix” our girls when they mess up, he starts feeling pushed (okay, nagged) about how he should handle things. When we pray and trust the Lord for wisdom and help in raising our kids, then I can relax and be thankful that Rob is parenting them God’s way instead of mine. 

We’ve seen God move through our prayers to change our daughters’ lives—we’ve seen them grow in confidence, discover their talents and passions, and come to know the Lord as their Savior. My hope for you is that you’ll find him to be all you need as you parent your own daughter. Discover how near he is to you. He wants to bless you and your daughter as you reach out to him. 

What are three specific things you would like to pray for your daughter this week?