Jesus Christ Is Lord Of All! (with audio)

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Dear Father,

I exalt Jesus, the great Master and Lord of All the Earth! As I read today’s Scripture passage, I am again in awe of the power and majesty that He alone possesses. All glory to Him that He rules and reigns over all heaven and earth, and that His righteousness and justice are displayed before all people. Hallelujah!

His dominion is universal, and His power is felt every-where! I pray that You will reveal much more of the magnificent Lord of All the Earth to me and to many other believers at this crucial hour in history, and that we will tremble before Him and repent for all the ways we have put other gods before Him. May we be filled with ceaseless reverence and praise of Him.

I pray that countless numbers of unsaved people (including those who are aggressively opposing Him) will see Him as they never have before, and their hearts will melt like wax under His authority and righteousness.

I pray these things in the name of the Lord of All the Earth.