Truth Unchanging

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Tuning Our Hearts

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed or overwhelmed, your whole family feels it? That’s why the Enemy does all he can to discourage us and keep us so busy that we don’t have time to focus on or hear the voice of Truth in our lives.

We see this play out with the Israelites. God sent Moses and Aaron to bring the Israelites out of bondage. When Pharaoh heard Moses’s request, he made life for the Israelites harder. Pharaoh said, “Make the work harder for the people so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies” (Exodus 5:9). 

In other words, “If we make them so busy, they won’t be concerned with the hope that has come. If we make them more burdened, they will be too discouraged to think of anything else.” This is what the Enemy does to us as well. “Make them more burdened! Make them more stressed!”

God had come with a message of hope for His people (see Exodus 6:6). But when Moses and Aaron came to the people and told them this message, Scripture says, “They did not listen to him because of their discouragement and harsh labor” (Exodus 6:9). They were too discouraged to hear the Truth. 

What a nasty trick! The Israelites had been in bondage to the Egyptians for generations. They had been waiting centuries for a deliverer. But their enemy had them so overwhelmed, exhausted, and defeated that they were unable to receive the message of the Lord. They were unable to even hear that Hope had come for them. 

There have been times when my busyness and exhaustion kept me doing what was right in front of me rather than listening to the voice of my Father inviting me away to worship Him and spend time in His presence. 

When we become aware of the Enemy’s strategies, we are able to overcome them. We aren’t just fighting against flesh and blood and personal circumstances; we are fighting against what would steal our joy, our patience, and our love. Today, let’s remember the Truth that the Lord came to deliver us from hopelessness. 

Lord, we know that You desire us to be full of Your love and Your hope so that we can lead and love our families well. Tune our hearts to Your Truth. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.