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If I Just Had Time

Do you remember the old V8 vegetable juice commercials back in the day? You know the ones where the person was feeling a little “out of balance” and as they walked through the commercial, they were leaning sideways. They needed their V8 juice to bring them balance in order to walk upright! 

This is a powerful illustration demonstrating the impact we endure as people when we starve ourselves from God’s word and the things He designed for us to utilize our lives for. We too often replace those items with short term, self-fulfilling solutions that usually dry up after the newness wears off.

Like Apollos in the scripture reference, we often put things off for whatever reason and say “I’ll get to that later.” Time is so precious and it seems to go quicker the older you get. It seems like a lack of “time” is what is always the blocking reason that we aren’t able to do more good things for people, spend more time in God’s word and do the things that lead us to a greater place in our walk with God. 

Maybe lack of time is not really the issue. Maybe we could do many things if we reposition what our priorities are, shifting our focus on to what gifts and blessings God has already given us.

Our instinct to find joy in the wrong places, while blaming it on “lack of time”, often leaves us burning out and losing our passion. The reality is those things or “places” were never meant to sustain our wellbeing, so it’s only natural we would continually not be motivated or content.  It took me years to recognize that the things I was pursuing to bring me joy were actually creating more “weight” in my life, slowly pushing me out of balance.