Jesus Revealed Pt. 13 - No Greater Love

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Passover Supper - Jesus Loves Us to Death  

Thoughts on the Passage

Why does Jesus get up from the table to wash the disciples’ feet?

First, it was the responsibility of the master of the house to make sure that guests get their feet washed when they come in. Jesus and the disciples had their meal at someone’s house and so there was no one to do it. Someone had to humble themselves and be the servant to do this job. No one wanted to do it. They all felt that someone else should do it – they were too important to do the job. Jesus as their master chose to take the responsibility of the master of the house. He could have assigned it to one of the disciples but chose to do it Himself.

Second, Jesus washed their feet because He wanted them to serve one another. He served them and He was the master. They need to serve each other.

Third, Jesus served them because He loved them. This love was so great that He was about to die for them. They did not realize how great His love was for them. He would show them first by choosing to be the servant and wash their feet. It was the first of many ways He would show them this day.

Fourth, Jesus served all of them – including Judas who would betray Him this night. This is amazing love. There was no one excluded from His love. Nothing anyone would do could exclude them from receiving His love.


Serve someone today who does not deserve it.

Serve them to show the love of God to them.

Time to Pray

Father, I know that I would have acted just like the disciples – someone else needs to do this job. It is hard to serve and hard to do it with a good heart, a heart of love. I need help to do that. Today, I want to love people who You put in my path regardless of whether they deserve it or not. That is my prayer today. I know that I am asking for You to make my day a challenge – none of these opportunities come when it is convenient! Still, I ask for not just an opportunity, but I also ask for Your heart. I want to release the love of God through it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.