Navigating Teenage Rebellion


Day 1: Should we be surprised by rebellion?

Pride is defined as “a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own importance.” Rebellion is defined as “a person who rises against authority.” Rebellion comes from sin, which is defined as “a transgression against divine law.” Sin, pride, and rebellion started in the Garden of Eden and have passed through the generations to all mankind. That includes you and me. It includes those we marry and those we birth. As Pastor John MacArthur states, “Sin is in our nature, it’s in our disposition, it’s in our humanness. It’s not just in our physical body, it’s in our minds, it’s in our affections, it’s in our feelings, it’s in our emotions, it’s in our will.” 

So why are we so surprised by rebellion in our teenagers? Hebrews 12:1 speaks of the “sin that so easily entangles us.” When our sons and daughters go through adolescence, hormones hit hard. I believe hormones are just one way they try to “rise up and have dominion over their earth.” This is a confusing time for them and can often be a confusing time for us as parents. There were times I thought, “I never taught you to speak that way (disrespectfully),” or “Where did my sweet little boy go?”.

Hindsight showed me that the enemy was trying to rob, kill, and destroy the joy of those years. He confused my kids, which ultimately led to rebellious behaviors. They were blinded and disoriented. As parents, we need to remember that hormones and adolescence are a part of maturing and growing up. We need to help our teens navigate this transitional time with wisdom and grace. Children are a gift from God, and can be some of life’s greatest teachers—to the parent who is willing to learn. I hope to help you navigate these teenage years with sanity and grace.