Mammon And God: Money And Spirituality

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In today’s video, Dr. Kim asks Mike and Lisa this question: “How do you view money as a couple?” 

When I do premarital counseling with a couple, money is always a topic of conversation because I bring it up. In general most of us fall into one of two categories: spender or saver. How a couple matches up determines the course of the conversation. Just because they are both savers does not give them a pass. They may agree about money in principle, but how does that play out day to day? Two spenders could be in a mountain of debt in just a few months. A couple consisting of a spender and a saver can certainly learn the value of balancing each other but it may be a battle to get there.  

Mike and Lisa refer to money as a “gift from God,” and it is! But God knew we were going to have trouble with money. It is the most mentioned topic in the Bible - over 2,000 verses. There are more verses on money than prayer, faith, marriage, sex or salvation. God gives us the answers. We just have to follow them.

What is your money mindset? What is your spouse’s? In every poll I have ever seen, money is always listed as one of the top three problems in marriage. It can literally make or break a marriage. So whether you are savers, spenders, or one of each, being on the same page with money is essential.

Today’s Challenge:

It is time to have a money conversation. Use these three questions to get the conversation going:

  1. What is your money mindset as a couple?

  2. As a couple, how do you rate yourselves in the way you handle money?

  3. What is your next step after this discussion? (Creating a budget or talking  to a financial planner are a couple of suggestions.)  

Going Deeper: 

Together do a Bible search on the word “money.” What is God saying to you on this topic?