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Daily Jewels- Aligning Your Crown As A Daughter Of The KingSample

Daily Jewels- Aligning Your Crown As A Daughter Of The King

DAY 1 OF 7

Day 1: Brave

Brave: ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to choose whether or not to be brave? Maybe it’s a job offer, new relationship, growing your family, or maybe it’s just facing a conflict in your life. Every week I usually face a situation where I have to choose bravery over fear. Honestly, there are weeks I get exhausted trying to muster up the energy and right attitude to choose bravery. Sometimes it’s just being brave enough to not flip out when my boys jump on their dirt bikes or ride the zip line their daddy built. Then there are other days I am dealing with a difficult personality and I have to be brave enough to keep my mouth shut. As women, we juggle a million things daily, and the thought of being brave for it all can be overwhelming. What are you facing right now that requires you to be brave? Are you ready to endure it showing courage?

My boys love the Narnia movies, so we watch them over and over. The other day there was a line in the movie that jumped out at me. Lucy is around 8 years old and she just learned that she has to face a battle. She is asked if she is brave enough to face an enemy being a female. Lucy lets him know quickly that she thinks that she can be brave enough. Those two words “brave enough” made my heart leap. I immediately felt the Lord whisper “stop trying to be brave for everything.” I woke up the next morning with a little less weight on my shoulders because I didn’t feel like I needed the courage and strength for everything. I just had to be “brave enough” for what was next. I grabbed my Bible and not my phone because I knew that without Jesus’ words and truth in my heart I couldn’t face the day. 

The source of our bravery and energy to be courageous can only come from the One who created us so perfectly. God knows our gifts, flaws, and imperfections and He wants to fill our hearts up and give us His strength to endure the danger and pain with courage. Rise up beloved daughter of the King, you are BRAVE because of your Heavenly Father. Let’s talk to Him.

Daily Prayer:

Heavenly Daddy,

Help me face this day with YOUR bravery and strength. As I face all of my conversations, decisions, and situations, whisper words to my heart. I only have courage because I know that You created me for great things. If I have to endure any pain or danger today, allow the Holy Spirit to take over and help me rise up to face it with courage and love. Thank You for giving me the strength I need in every situation. I put my trust in You, Jesus! In Jesus’ name.


Your Daughter


Don't forget your crown today!

Day 2

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Daily Jewels- Aligning Your Crown As A Daughter Of The King

Look around. In the midst of chaos, there is always a jewel to be found. Daily Jewels is a 7-day devotion that calls you to boldly align your crown as a daughter of the King. Join me on a treasure hunt to discover the ex...


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