Truth Plus Love

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The world is moving faster than at any time in history, and—thanks to the internet and social media—we are more connected and informed than ever. But even in our constantly-connected, fast-moving world, God calls us to patience and self-control. God’s work in our lives will always be in His timing, not ours, and will take the ancient art of patience. 

God not only calls us to truth; He also calls us to patience. Here are some reasons why patience is essential in our lives:

  • God calls us to follow Him, not our hearts. We can’t let our fleeting emotions or sinful passions ruin us. We need to patiently lead our passions by our will, and let our will be led by God’s Word.
  • God has a good reason for asking us to wait. Much of our lives are spent in God’s waiting room. Our seasons of patience and waiting bump us up against God’s sovereignty. Faith means trusting God more than we trust ourselves, even when our circumstances don’t make sense in the moment.
  • God is working in us as we wait on Him. For this reason, we shouldn’t look for a shortcut out of the season God has us in. The only path to spiritual maturity goes through struggles and seasons of waiting. 
  • God calls us to active waiting. We should get busy serving and loving anyone God has placed in our lives. We need to keep seeking, asking, and knocking in prayer for God’s guidance. As we are obedient in the little things, we will be able to look back and praise God for those moments when we see the beautiful way He has woven our stories for His glory.

When we live with patience in our fast-moving world, we will gain influence with people around us: our family, our neighborhood, our workplace, and our world.


How do you usually respond when God seems to be calling you to wait? How can you take the opportunity to grow in the fruit of the Spirit of patience?

How can waiting season build your faith and endurance and help you experience God’s love more deeply?

How can you practice active waiting in your life right now?