30 Day Prayer Challenge



How many times, when faced with a difficult situation, do we manipulate, plan, scheme, dream, and yet do not pray? Sometimes we'd almost rather do anything than pray. Why pray when we can worry about it? Why pray when we can try to figure it out ourselves?

We must change our way of thinking about prayer to realize that it is not an obligation; it is an opportunity. Prayer is not just a requirement; it is also a privilege and an invitation to experience the power of God. Prayer is spiritual breathing - our normal and natural experience in Christ.

The word "pray" that Jesus uses throughout the New Testament is the most simple and basic of all the words for prayer, and it means to "wish forward" or "to desire onward." God wants to hear the desires of our hearts. God wants to hear what's on your heart! He wants to hear your desires and your dreams. He wants to hear about your failures as well as your successes.

You can pray anywhere, anytime about anything. Tell God about your needs. Pray for your family and your friends. Pray when you are in pain and when you're living in victory. Pray about your finances and your future. Beginning today, make prayer a non-negotiable, necessary part of your day.

In your prayer time, think about each part of your life: your relationships, your occupation, your talents and hobbies, your health, and your future. Do you realize that each of these should be covered in prayer daily? Spend time today thanking God for the unique life situation in which He's placed you.


Listen to prayer

Find peace, purpose and strength with Jesus in prayer.