Grow Up And Lead Yourself

Grow Up And Lead Yourself

DAY 7 OF 7

Discouraged? Encourage Yourself.

By Linda Seidler 

Discouragement happens in the life of every leader. We can scan the pages of the Bible to see that everyone who stepped out to lead had moments where discouragement tried to become their best friend.

I had one such moment.

It was Sunday, after service, when the pastor of the church where I was leading the women’s ministry started to walk my way. I was excited about this conversation. Our annual women’s event had taken place the week before, and I was still basking in the afterglow of the positive response. In my naive mind, I expected some major accolades and a few high-fives for all I had done to develop and organize such an amazing event. 

In an instant, my expectation turned to discouragement.

The pastor had no intention of applauding this leader. Instead, he bypassed me and proceeded to talk to another church member without giving me one ounce of kudos for a job well done.

Cue the hurt feelings and disappointment.

This was a defining moment in my life as a leader. As I would come to find, leadership is filled with moments of discouragement, and it is not someone else’s responsibility to coddle and encourage me back to confidence.

I had to learn to encourage myself. 

So my journey to stay encouraged began. What I found was life-changing. I saw in scripture that the men in King David’s army were threatening to kill him with stones and David was discouraged beyond consolation. It was what David did next in 1 Samuel 30:6 that transformed my thinking. The Bible says, “But David found strength [encouraged himself!] in the LORD his God.” 

If you’re struggling with discouragement, your first step is to stop relying on others to give you what you can only find in the pages of scripture. Depending on someone else to build you up will leave you disappointed when it doesn't happen. And honestly, too often, it just doesn't happen.

Your second step is to learn to encourage yourself. Instead of magnifying the hurt you feel, decide to turn up God’s power within you to get past the discouraging moment. Choose now to stop relying on the voice of someone else to be the only voice that motivates you. Focus on hearing God’s voice to stay encouraged. He will keep you strong by filling you with all the encouragement you need for every discouraging moment you face.

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Grow Up And Lead Yourself

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