Refuel: Faith-Building Pit-Stops On Your Road Trip

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There are so many things to love about this prehistoric family. It’s like an infusion of the future into prehistoric past. But out of all the crazy concepts that color this Jurassic cartoon, what I love most about it is this: the city where they lived in is named Bedrock!

But the word bedrock is bigger than its ties to the Flintstone Family. Geology would tell us that bedrock refers to the solid rock that lies under loose material, such as soil. It is the native consolidated rock underlying the earth’s surface.

Now soil, as we know it, is not that solid. Try taking a handful. What you’d get is scattered earth. Play with it using your fingers. All you have is loose soil. But why does it seem so compact and dense? The soil alone is fragile, but there’s something under that seems to glue it all up and hold it together. All the loose earth lies on a solid rock like a bed. It’s the bedrock.

Hold together! Restore. Put back. Make whole! This is the job of the bedrock. No wonder David, in one of his songs said this: “I love you, GOD — you make me strong. GOD is bedrock under my feet.”1 This seems to be a cry announcing to the whole world that when everything in him (I guess even all that’s around him) is shaken, there is bedrock that holds him together. His name is God.

God is our solid rock. He is our firm foundation — the One who makes us whole. When the earthquakes of life come and problems rage like tsunamis, God will be our solid rock who will keep us steady. He will always remain unmoved. And not even the strongest quake can change Him.

If all that’s in you feels like crumbling, and you’re about to give up, just don’t. Hang in there. If you’ve been broken and hurt, lost, empty and shattered, take this as a word from God saying, “It’s time to get your feet back on the Rock.” Stand on His love and His promises. He can make you whole again, that you’d be able to shout like Fred Flintstone, “Yabadabadoo!”
One on one with God
Lord, You are my bedrock. In You, I become whole. I am restored. In times of difficulty, I look to You. I will not be shake because I have You. Lord bless me with strength as I go through life’s tests. I will not be afraid because I know You’re with me. Amen.