Today Counts: Guidelines For A Meaningful Life

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Questions I Would Ask

When you hit the bottom, you start asking, “How did I get here, anyway? Is there a way out of my distress?” If I were at that point in life, as perhaps you may be, there are some questions I would ask myself.

“Who put the longing in my heart to know God?” God created you with a longing that only He can satisfy.

“Who created this beautiful world with such order and symmetry?” Even scientists who do not believe in God recognize the intelligent design of our world, a position that has a trail leading from it to the Creator.

“Who gave me the intelligence and the emotions to reason, think and love?

“Is there an opposite to what I abhor in life?” Most people never ask the question involving opposites, yet it’s important to do so. Day is balanced by night, heat by cold, strength by weakness, and good by evil. While God often gets the blame for the evil, there has to be an opposite that accounts for the evil in our world.

Finally, I would ask myself, “Who is Jesus Christ and does He care about me?” John says that God so loved the world He gave His one and only Son to be the Savior of the world. I would want to know, “Was He God?” and if so, “Did He die for my sins?”

The prodigal—the young man who had lost his way— came to his senses; and that’s what you, too, must do if you would find your way back home. God gave you a brain. Use it. You’re the only one who can do an about-face and start walking towards home.