Become Your Most Masculine Self


There is a plague of loneliness among men. In truth, the phrase that comes to mind is this: the friendless man.

But friends are the best reflection of a man’s happiness, priorities, and health.

Most men have simply lost touch with the men who mean the most to them. They find themselves awash in a sea of casual relationships. They do work with other men, and they can usually scare up a group of guys to go yell and scream at the sports bar. Yet when asked who they would turn to if they were about to have an affair or if their marriage was coming apart or if they were out of town and needed someone to get their son out of jail, most are at a loss to come up with a name...

What most of us do not have is a band of brothers, a tribe, a posse, a group of guys who know us and are fun to be with but who have no problem challenging us if we need it.

Men, we cannot ascend to our best selves or our God-given purposes if we walk alone or if all we have in common with other men is entertainment or pleasure. Men need friends with whom they share a common spirit, a mutual devotion to each other’s best, and a sacrificial commitment to protect, encourage, and defend.

Hear me well, gentlemen: we will never become the men we are called to be unless we learn the art of friendship and intentionally cultivate deep, meaningful, rowdy relationships with other men.

This is one of the most important things for a man to know.

Challenge: Take stock of your friendships. Are they shallow, temporary, and unfulfilling? Or do they inspire you and make you yearn to be a great man, a manly man?