Let Me Introduce You To Jesus

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When you know Jesus you live His life

“And this is eternal life, that they know you the only

true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”

In the true Lord’s Prayer, Jesus gives the essence of eternal life. What is eternal life?

First of all, eternal life is not unending existence—life that never ends. Every human has that. We all will live on after death.

No, eternal life is not a quantity of life, but a quality of life. Eternal life is life with God. It’s the life of God. It’s the life of God in us.

When we know God, we have eternal life, the life of God, pulsating within us. This does not happen when we know about God. This only happens when we know God personally, experientially, actually. We know God with our heart and not just our head.

When we know God personally, we have the life of God within us, and that life will never end. It’s eternal.

One more thing: eternal life is when we know God and Jesus Christ. The Father and the Son go together, and to know one is to know the other, for they are both equally God.

To have eternal life means that you are connected, personally, to the God of the universe.