Don’t Let Your Good Friend Down - Life Lessons From Demas

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Demas chose the world rather than his friendship with Paul

The Bible is silent about what happened in between Philemon 24 and 2 Timothy 4:10, but we can be sure that Demas didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to dive into the abyss of unbelief. He allowed himself to get too close to the edge. His affections for the world grew stronger over time, and his affection for Christ weakened gradually. Paul, it seems, had even warned him about being on a slippery slope toward apostasy. How else would he have known not only where Demas had gone, but why?

What could have been the reasons for Demas leaving Paul and joining the world?

Paul does not tell us what aspect of the present world system Demas loved.  He does not say if it was fame, fortune, or the gratification of the flesh.

This world system has only three allurements to draw the believer away from his or her love for the Lord. First, there is the lust of the flesh, second, the lust of the eyes, and finally, the pride of life. The first, the lust of the flesh, has to do with the gratification of the flesh (what makes me feel good physically). The second category is the lust of the eyes (what possessions I want to make me happy). These sins would be what we see and desire to have, but the object we want is not ours to have because it belongs to someone else. This is known as covetousness. The final category is pride of life (what I want to be). This is the arrogance that one has when they boast about themselves, their accomplishments, or their possessions. 

Maybe Demas saw the giddy laughter, the fine colonnaded homes with marble porticoes, heard the talk and the music…Fashion, style, pleasure, excitement.  Intellectual stimulation, career opportunities…  Wealth, fame, approval, acceptance.  Demas became so fascinated, so awestruck, so captivated by everything that was “out there” that he made a critical decision - Demas forsook Paul because he loved this present world.

You always gravitate towards whatever or whoever you love.  An irresistible pull, a subconscious or even unconscious draw, a mandated motion beckons you on.

When you love this present world, you will naturally be drawn towards it. But when you love the future world more than the present world, you will be used by God to alleviate suffering in the present world. But loving the present world more than the future world causes you to abandon your friends in their times of need

Be careful what you love; you will go there and live…or die.  Be careful who you love; those are the arms that will embrace you…or crush you.  Be careful whose roses you accept. They will lay claim to your heart.

Remember the downward slope is gradual but slippery.

Quote: The world's smiles are more dangerous that its frowns. - Source Unknown. 

Prayer: Lord I pray that You will help me to be careful that I do not love anything more than You, knowing that this can draw me away from You. Amen