Jesus Revealed Pt. 11 - I AM The Resurrection And The Life

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The death of Lazarus  

Thoughts on the Passage

Jesus sees death differently than we do.

This section will describe Jesus in another new way – the Resurrection and the Life. We begin by seeing death the way Jesus sees death. He sees it as sleep. A state where one wakes up. A state where Jesus can awaken them. A state that is not to be feared or worried about. The disciples look at death differently. It is something to be avoided at all costs – especially when people have tried to kill Jesus already. Why would anyone go back to a place where death awaits us? 

Jesus sees light and clarity when we see uncertainty and danger.

The disciples see clearly. They know exactly what the Jewish leaders will do – they will kill Jesus. Jesus knows this as well. However, when we walk in light, we see not just the world around us clearly, but we see the spiritual realm clearly as well. This is what the disciples are missing. This is what Jesus sees clearly. It is fine to go to Jerusalem, because God has something special He wants done. The Jewish leaders cannot stop it, prevent it, or obstruct it. So Jesus walks boldly into a dangerous situation – knowing that God has something special He wants to do.

Because Jesus knows what the Father wants – the disciples have been told but they cannot understand or comprehend.

This happens to good people; they hear, but they really cannot hear and understand. Jesus told them that He was to die, but they just could not understand. Jesus is not afraid of death. Jesus knows it is coming. Jesus knows that He has power over death as well. He is about to reveal that.

The disciples are about to find out as well.


Is there anything that fills your heart with fear? Is there any mountain, deep valley of life, or cloud of uncertainty that fills your future? It is time to take it to Jesus. Let’s take time to see heaven’s perspective on what gives us such anxiety. It may not make the mountain smaller or the valley less dark and deep – but it shines light on the pathway God has through it. Just as Jesus will reveal that death must obey His command, He will show us that the mountains, valleys and clouds must obey as well.

Time to Pray

Father, there are times I pull back from things because it seems so foolish from my perspective. I see the physical world well, but the spiritual world is such an unclear picture. Part of it is my perspective and the other part is that Jesus speaks… but I do not understand what He is saying. When Jesus says something, I need ears that hear and a heart that understands. Today, I read Jesus saying that death is not something to be feared because He has authority over death. Help me not fear death. Help me boldly walk where Your name can be lifted up – even if it seems dangerous – because Jesus walks with me over every mountain, through every valley and through every cloud. In Jesus’ name, Amen.