iHunger: A Closer Walk with God

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Control Your Appetite!

Many know the story of Esau, Jacob, and the birthright. To sum it up......Esau, Isaac's eldest son, gave up his birthright for more bread and beans!!!! (Genesis 25) Birthrights were given to the first born son of every family and equaled a double portion of future possessions and the paternal inheritance, to include the land of Canaan and the carrying out of the covenant and promise given to Abraham. In addition to material things, the birthright was also synonymous with spiritual privileges.

Genesis 25:27 tells us that Esau was a man of the field; a skilled hunter. Hunters were known for making significant contributions to clothing, shelter, sports, and most commonly food. Here's the question: Why would a man of the field, a skilled and crafty hunter, come in from the field to give up everything just for food? For precisely the same reason we risk everything God has promised us - for a moment of pleasure. To control our appetites we must do three very important things.

Recognize the gift(s) and treasure that lies within you. Esau is hungry, but has the ability and tools to obtain food. We must be careful not seek from others what we have the right and ability to produce on our own.

Realize the importance of what lies ahead. An uncontrollable appetite will always cause us to disregard our FUTURE to satisfy our NOW. Many scorn Jacob for exploiting Esau's birthright, but Jacob had the maturity and farsightedness to value his destiny.

Retrain your appetite. Marcia Pelchat, PhD, of the Monell Center says that “You crave what you eat, so if you switch what you’re eating, you can weaken your old cravings and strengthen new ones.” Whether we want to admit it or not, each of us has either an appetite for something that is ungodly, OR an insatiable desire for something that is not ungodly. Hebrews 12:1 (ESV) encourages us to lay aside every WEIGHT and the SIN that clings so closely. The text suggests that every weight is not a sin but I would go as far as to say that a weight untreated often becomes sin if you are not careful. We can retrain our unhealthy, uncontrollable appetites by replacing them with an appetite for God. Whatever your vice whether lying or lust, pornography or procrastination, jealousy or injustice, when cravings arise retrain your appetite by feasting on God's Word. Fast. Pray. Eventually your appetite will be transformed by the things of God. Don't be like Esau...control your appetite!

Today's Prayer Lord, help me to control my appetite. I don't want to forfeit a double portion, influence, or my kingdom responsibilities because of my lack of discipline. Give me a stronger desire for You, your Word, and Your righteousness. iHunger!