Easter: Beyond The Bunny

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

It’s Easter time! In the American culture, many people celebrate the holiday in a way that has nothing to do with the true reason for the season. There’s so much more to Easter than baskets, eggs and bunnies. There are different reasons people celebrate this time. Some families simply celebrate spring with bunnies and candy, and for others it’s a time to celebrate and remember how Jesus Christ delivered us from our sins. As Christians, Easter is a season to think about God’s goodness. Out of His love for you, He allowed His son Jesus to take the punishment for not only your sins, but the sins of the world though dying on the cross. The good news is that Jesus is no longer in the grave! He rose from the dead and now lives in the hearts of every Christ follower. Over the next few days find out just how much you know about the true story of Easter.


How do the following relate to the Easter Story?

  • Donkey:
  • Silver Coins:

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