God Hears Us Pray

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 The God Who Cares

Over the next seven days, we will explore a reality that is so simple, we miss its profundity. Here it is: God hears us when we pray. It's that simple. And that profound. Unless we sit in this truth, we will miss how incredible and life-altering it is.

In 1 Peter 5, Peter tells us to humble ourselves before the Lord and to cast our cares upon him. He explains that we have an adversary who is attacking us and that Christians throughout the world are suffering. But in verse 7 he grounds his command to cast our cares upon the Lord in a simple truth: "because he cares for you." 

How often do we take that short phrase for granted? Of course he cares for us! But think about it for a moment. Why should he? Don't forget that the same Bible that makes this statement also tells us that all human beings have rejected God (see Romans 1), that everyone has sinned and refuses to seek after God (see Romans 3), and that we are all dead in our sins (see Ephesians 2). There is no logical step between "we have all rejected him" and "he cares for us." And yet there it is. Illogical. But real. 

Stop right now to consider: God cares for you. So? So cast your cares upon him. He cares about you, so he wants to hear what's concerning you. It's that simple. But this simple realization will change your life. Let it.

Right this second, God is listening to you. He cares, so he hears. Say something to him. What you say doesn't matter right now. Practice believing the reality that he is listening and he cares what you will say. Then say something. Anything. Because he hears.