Grace Of God And Flaws Of Men

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 Grace Can Change Your Story, Too! 

“The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and The God of Jacob.”

It’s a line we may have glossed over while reading Scripture. 

Perhaps, you may not have stopped to ask yourself why God chose to identify Himself as the God of these three specific men. And, yet, God uses this title over and over again to describe Himself.

At first glance, it seems likely that it was because these men were stalwarts of courage, faith and obedience. But, it is not merely these heroes’ faith, but also their flaws that ought to draw our attention. The Bible doesn’t skim over the egregious mistakes of these men. And we have no reason to, either. Their flaws are important – because God uses their mistakes to showcase His transformative power.

The stories behind these heroes of the faith reveal that they were just like you and me. 

God called Abraham to leave behind his country and his people and go the land where God was taking him. It was an incredible calling - Abraham was to be the father of a new nation. And, yet, right from the get-go, Abraham chose to disobey God. 

In taking his nephew, Lot, along with him, Abraham was only obeying partially, consequently sowing the seeds of discord and opening the door to an ugly web of sin.

We, too, are often reluctant to make a clean break from past sin to pursue God wholeheartedly. We’re tugging along a suitcase full of our pet sins – all of which stem from our self-centredness and our need to play God. 

And, yet, no sin is beyond the transforming power of God’s grace. 

No matter how dark your sin or mine, God can change our story. No one – not even the Bible’s greatest heroes – is perfectly holy. That’s why God sent Jesus. And that’s how your story can be forever transformed.