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From Eden to Eternity

There's something I want to tell you. Actually, something I want to show you. It's beyond the boundaries of this city—a place where the past is woven into the future. And, although this journey was planned before the foundations of the world, it's not as straight-forward as simply following a highway. 

The path we're taking is a thread that leads from Eden to eternity. It reveals the relentless love of God for His crowning creation—me and you. Along the way, we'll encounter good guys and bad guys, confounding miracles, and grave wickedness. There is bloodshed. And there is a hero. 

It may sound like a fairy tale, but these things that have happened are not fiction. This journey will take us over a mountain, through a desolate landscape, beyond the shadows. I'm Skip Heitzig and I invite you to follow me along the Bloodline


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