Worthless Christianity

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There is a shirt that I have in my wardrobe that is one of my favorite shirts because of its artful and colorful design. There are multiple purposes for shirts depending on what part of the world you live in, but this shirt would be particularly worthless in colder climates because it has hundreds of tiny holes throughout it. 

All people from all places and all times, we can safely assume, have aspired to be great. On every level of political or socio-economical scale is this true. There is an aspiration that is rooted in a desire to be useful and appreciated by those around us. We want to be great. Our thoughts and desires often are good and God-given, but how we think to achieve them are commonly skewed.

Jesus responds to a mother's eager desire for her sons to sit at Jesus’ right and left hand—which are positions of high authority—by saying that the greatest will be servants and slaves to those around them. The problem with our lives and faith alike is that they have become so much about ourselves that it has likewise become completely worthless, like my favorite shirt in the cold. 

In your community and culture if you want to have a faith characterized by worthlessness, follow these steps. 

10 Ways to Be a Worthless Christian

1- Don’t listen to others

2- Speak your opinions

3- Don’t process actions, but be quickly angered

4- Tolerate filth and unwholesome things

5- Don’t dwell on God’s Word 

6- Be satisfied with only hearing God’s Word

7- Talk a lot about what needs to be done 

8- Assume that you’re doing just fine

9- Be comfortable in your religion

10- Look normal 

Jesus came to seek, to save, and to serve the marginalized. Those who had no voice or strength to better themselves. He chose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of His Kingdom.

The life of a worthless Christian is characterized by selfishness and a faith that is focused on personal growth. On the contrary, the life of a faithful and great Christian is characterized by selflessness and a faith that is focused on personal sacrifice for the love of God and people. 

How might you sacrifice your time, currency, or position to love someone who has been overlooked today?