Made for the Middle by Micahn Carter


 Since the beginning of time, the enemy has been using a sneak attack to accomplish one thing.  He’s really not that interested in you doing all kinds of bad things labeled as a sin, that would be too easy...shall I say "predictable"? He is merely on a mission to do what he does best: Divide. The separation between God and man and separation between man and man, yeah that’s his real agenda.

He slithered his way to Adam and Eve and used a sneaky approach, tricking Eve into believing that she was missing out on something.  What she thought would bring her closer to God actually created a huge gap. Not just a gap between her and God, but even her and Adam and the enemy has been at it ever since.  

From the moment you turn on the tv, scroll through social media, or read the latest news, he’s slithering in to do the same thing he did in the garden.  You see every time you jump on the newest hashtag bandwagon or load up your fingers ready to post something to take a stand, you now unintentionally make yourself a rival of people you are called to reach.  We think we’ve won, but in reality, we’ve lost. 

People who are Made for the Middle don’t take the bait. We know we are called for something more significant. We are called to fight for together even when it looks like we are not fighting at all. Today be alert to the enemy’s tricks. 

Something to think about: Instead of fighting against people, fight FOR people.