Breaking Free from Habitual Sin


Being real about the problem and solution

The reality is we are all broken and have been stuck in sin of some form. Satan is the master deceiver. He always lies about sin and the result is that it takes us further away from God than we imagined. The result is often frustration, guilt and shame. 

This all starts with the sin nature we each have. The Bible describes our natural condition as “dead in sin and trespasses”. As a result of Adam’s fall into sin, man is born spiritually dead. In this state of spiritual death, we are unable and unwilling to fully obey God so habitual sin naturally follows. 

However, when a person is saved, a transformation takes place. The apostle Paul refers to this as us becoming a new creation. From the moment we place our faith in Christ, we are in the process of changing. This process is called sanctification and it includes us being able to choose obedience to God over sin.