The Names Of God

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We seek to know the names of God in order to enter into a more meaningful relationship with Him. 

The title or name that I am known by is reflective of the relationship that I share with the one who addresses me: to my wife, I am husband; to my children, I am father; to a church member, I am pastor; and to a student, I am professor. These titles or names are all different characteristics or dimensions of the same person. 

In Psalm 8, David praised the greatness of God’s name that was majestic in all the earth (Psalm 8:1, 9). Simply saying “God” does not cover the majestic, multi-dimensional facets of the Creator of the universe who has displayed His splendor above all the heavens: 

"O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth,

Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens" (Psalm 8:1)!

God has revealed His many names in order to reveal the nuances of His character and to demonstrate how he has entered into relationship with His creation. That is why we study the names of God to better understand those nuances and to find that, no matter our situation or need, the name of the LORD is a strong tower that the righteous can always turn to and be safe (Proverbs 18:10). 

Why do we desire to know the names of the people we encounter every day? Why do we give affectionate nicknames to our family and friends? What bearing should this desire to name and to know names have on our desire to know God? 

To learn more about one of the names of God, click here to download a  sermon from Dr. Tony Evans.