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Discover Hope // Let Him LeadSample

Discover Hope // Let Him Lead

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Fair one, I come for you. I come for you again. I do not tire of being close to you. I do not tire of leaning in, listening to your words, your cries, your pleas, your songs. I strengthen you. I equip you. I restore you. I surround you with hope. I bring people around you to show you hope. You have brothers and sisters I want to show you, people whose names I know and whom I delight in bringing forth to you, whom I delight in you getting to know.

So open your eyes now. Be open and trust Me. I protect your heart, when I am in the center of community, with you. Do not fear trusting your heart with another when I am in the center. I am the safe place so you can take risks with your heart. Do not fear. I am the safe place so you can be bold and vulnerable and fearless.

You have a story all your own, with ups and downs and things you regret, things you’ve done you wish you could change. Ask Me into those places. Let Me show you a new way to view these old stories. There is a fresh story I want to give you, a fresh perspective on every past thing you’ve done that you regret.

There is hope everywhere, child. There is hope in everything, in every moment, in every past, in every future. The hope for the future exists in Me—and I ask you to trust Me so I may show you how I look at your past. When I show you your past, I am asking you to trust Me in how I see you. And how I see you is not at all how you see yourself.

I give you glimpses of beauty, glimpses of glory, glimpses of hope and light. But the light that shines all around you, the light that shines from within you, the Spirit I give you to lead you and be your friend and carry you through these hard days, is what makes you beyond beautiful, my daughter. You are beyond what you can imagine right now.

There is light within you that cannot be contained, and that is the light that rewrites all past mistakes, rewrites all regrets, and gives you courage to go forward into the new story I give for you to share. Share with these people I bring, these people with whom you can trust you heart. Look for Me, ask Me where I am. Ask Me if I am with them. And if I am, go forward, daughter, and share that story of yours that will be a blessing to all who hear it. Because it is the story of hope, the story of light, the story of the two of us, so beautiful, together.


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Discover Hope // Let Him Lead

This plan was inspired by Holy Spirit and offers God's deep encouragement for the woman trying so very hard to find peace; for the woman with a heart desperate to be refreshed; and with a spirit longing for a peace that ...


We would like to thank Gather Ministries (Loop/Wire) for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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