Walking In Faith

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Faith is measured by your feet, not by your feelings. Feelings change based on circumstances, or how things are going on around you. If times are good, you’re going to be up; when times are bad, you’re going to be down. You can’t base your faith on your feelings; you must base it on your feet.    

That means faith is measurable. It’s not a mysterious thing that you can’t tell whether you have it or not. You can always know which way your feet are moving, which way your decisions are taking you, so your faith follows that. When you define faith by the moving of your feet, then it becomes very real in your life. In fact, you can be operating by faith even when the feelings are in the opposite direction. Also, you can feel full of faith when you’re actually faithless, because your feet are not moving at all. 

So, become a person of great faith by being a person of great movement. The bigger you make God in your life and your movements consistent with the scope of His size, the greater your faith will be. When you move in concert with a big God, you really are exercising big faith. If you keep God small, then you’re going to have many steps, but you won’t be exercising much faith. 

Keep moving with your feet, in spite of how you feel. The greater the movement, the greater the faith.

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