Galatians - A 12 Day Devotional


Jesus died to SET us free, but LIVING free is a process, and one that requires Jesus at its core.  Often we’d rather be chained to the things that hold us captive than to trust God for an abundant life of freedom, because sometimes it doesn’t look all that abundant. Things like self-reliance and pulling yourself up by your boot-straps isn’t the abundant life; it’s what the Bible calls “the law,” and it’s what we settle for. And I’m not sure why we do it. Maybe because we don’t want to be vulnerable and acknowledge our need for help. Or maybe the law is just easier on some level. We can say, I checked off my spiritual boxes today.

But Jesus isn’t after behavior modification. He’s not asking us to add more “ands” to our lives, in order to appear more holy. He’s offering us a transformed life….where HE provides the power for the transformation.