The Spiritual Fitness Manual


The Spiritual Fitness Manual Introduction

Spiritual Fitness:

“Be right with God.

Be right with others.

Be right with yourself.”

—COL Tobin Green, U.S. Army

Recently, I headed to the U.S. Naval Academy to give a biblical values award to a midshipman. While I was there I met a New York City firefighter.  I told him about our project creating the First Responders Bible with The Spiritual Fitness Manual and how the Pentagon is doing research on spiritual fitness and has begun to implement programs to build spiritual fitness in military personnel. 

I said to the firefighter that experts that study PTSD believe that the trauma that First Responders face each day is similar to the trauma a soldier faces in a war zone. The firefighter responded to me, “We don’t need something for POST-traumatic stress (his emphasis). We need something for the stress that we face every day.” That is why we created the Spiritual Fitness Manual (SFM).

I had the privilege of helping to publish the Military Bible with The Spiritual Fitness Manual in conjunction with the three Chief Chaplains of the United States Armed Forces. We created it to aid in the military’s efforts to help build spiritual fitness in the troops. We have created the First Responders Bible for the same purpose for law enforcement personnel, firefighters, Border Patrol agents and EMTs. Spiritual fitness through the Bible is the key to overcoming stress and trauma in your life.

God wants to build strength in your soul through the scriptures so that you can overcome any obstacle. First Responders face the stress of dangerous and cataclysmic events each day. The stress of these events can cause blunt trauma to the soul. The Spiritual Fitness Manual will help you build fitness in your inner being in order to counteract the stress of this daily onslaught. The First Responders Spiritual Fitness Manual has been written especially for you. 

Study the articles and apply the biblical principles and concepts in it on a daily basis and they will equip you for life. On behalf of the National Bible Association and the Gallagher’s Army Fallen Officer Fund, I want to thank you for your work as a First Responder. The First Responders SFM is our gift of appreciation to you for your service of protection, aid, and rescue to the American people.