Work as Worship: A 5-Day Video Bible Study

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


The world tells us that work is just a means to more comfort, more stuff, more me. The entertainment industry and even our misdirected language in the church have hijacked our view of work and belittled it to mundane and meaningless.

Our mission is to help people see their work differently. To help people see their work as an opportunity to worship the God who created them. It’s asking people to trade in a distorted view of work that is just a means to an end.

At work, this kind of “trader” is someone who ...

  • Views work as sacred ... not a punishment for sin. Read Genesis 1:26–30. God gave the first couple a job to do: “let them have dominion…” over everything in creation. Notice that this purpose came before sin entered the world. We were always meant to work. The curse on the ground—the difficulties that would become inherent in work—were results of sin. Work itself is not the curse, but rather a God-given, God-ordained calling.
  • Finds identity in Jesus ... not in the title on a business card. Our jobs will change. Some will prove successful, while others may disappoint or even fail. But God’s love for us lies in our relationship with Him—He calls us His children, wholly loved because He made us.
  • Brings meaning to work ... instead of focusing on what we get out of work. View work as a calling, a divine opportunity to shine the light of God in your surroundings, to your coworkers, clients, and customers.
  • Works with excellence ... because it glorifies God. Practice integrity, honesty, and industriousness. Fulfill the job requirements, and then some, becoming a beacon of positivity that makes you a joy to work with and a trusted employee.
  • Lives un-compartmentalized ... instead of segmenting Sunday from Monday. How do you show that your work is an outflow of your faith? Do you apply the truths of scripture to your everyday life, to the place where you spend the majority of your week? The gospel was never meant just for the church service. God wants you to be a living gospel to the people you live and work with.

Whether you are a CEO, young entrepreneur, or manager in your business you have an enormous opportunity to give people a picture of God by the way you work. In what ways can you apply your faith to your job?


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