The Hand Of The Diligent

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Deliberate Focus.

He becomes poor that handles matters with a slack process. Seek God for wisdom on how to execute in excellence in everyday matters. Seek and surround yourself with wise counsel and execute as God leads your heart. When you allow sloth or slack to enter into your process — things begin to decay and fall apart. It is your responsibility to handle matters with Godly discretion, direction and with diligence. 

When God gives you a vision, He trusts you to get the job done. God knows what gifts that He has placed on the inside of you. God knows you from the inside out. He knows your skill level and what you’re capable of accomplishing. God knows your faith level. He knows your fears, He knows your strengths, and He knows your weaknesses. He even knows your character level and what’s in your heart. God wouldn’t ask something of you that He knows that He did not put in you. 

What assignment has God given you to accomplish? What task(s) has He set before you to diligently execute? When God gives you an assignment to complete, He gives you the Grace to complete the assignment at hand. When you diligently execute  a task that God has given you, He’s already assigned you a measure of faith to finish the assignment well. When you deploy diligence, success is soon to follow. Eliminate slack and execute in excellence. 

Ask God to sharpen your skillset, and to strengthen your character. Focus on your weaknesses. Diligently focus to strengthen the areas that you need to develop. Choose not to slack in this season.