A New Heart

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Who Are You Serving?

“Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.” Ezekiel 36:25 KJV

Let God wash your heart and rid you of every exalted idol. Only He can cleanse you completely. Only God can make you new. Only God can make you whole. Only God can make you complete in Him. 

When you worship “things” as an attempt to replace God, you will lose every time. Your heart cannot be fulfilled with the “things” or the lusts of the world. There is no created thing that can fill what your heart is longing for. Your heart craves God. Your spirit longs for Him. There is nothing that can occupy that space in your heart like only God can. Let God fill your heart. He alone is to be worshipped. 

Your heart was created by God and you were designed to worship Him. Idols are temporary and cannot stand before God. Idols were meant to be crushed. Let God give you a new heart — a Heart that reflects His Ways, His Love, and His Power. 

Who or what are you serving? Are you choosing to serve created things that will soon fade away? Or do you choose to serve The True and Living God? Turn to Him. Surrender your heart over to God and He will set you free from every bondage. 

God is stronger than any addiction. He is stronger than any struggle or stronghold — He is in a weight class all by Himself. Nothing outranks Him. Serve Him and cast your fears, worries and struggles at His feet.


Father God, In The Name of Jesus, I thank You for setting me free from every bondage, struggle and stronghold. Lord, I surrender to You and lay down every mistake and shortcoming at your feet. Father, I thank You for making me new in You. 

Father, there is nothing that can stop Your Love from reaching me and overtaking me. Thank You for making me whole in You. Your Power reaches to the very depths of my heart. Your Love flows to every facet of my soul. Lord, Your Love reaches to every hidden place of my being and transforms the inner depths of my life. Father, I surrender to You. I am Yours forever. In Jesus Name. Amen.